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Over 1,600 individuals from 47 states and three countries are members of The Great Lakes Historical Society. Without a doubt, what brings this diverse group of individuals together is our award-winning quarterly journal, Inland Seas©. Published continuously since 1945, this historical journal brings to life many facets of Great Lakes history. From the Edmund Fitzgerald to recreational sailing, our writers depict events and experiences that capture the essence of Great Lakes history. Our writers also present their research in a narrative style that does not lose the reader in footnotes and arcane points of historical minutia.

Some titles recently published in Inland Seas©: (Winter 2013)

A Record of the Big Blow, by Christopher Gillcrist

Taylorsport Lighthouse: Correcting my Historical Flaws, by Scott Bundschuh

Searching the Depths for the Battle of Lake Erie, by Carrie Sowden

Wreck of the Schooner Fred L. Wells, by Richard Palmer

Letter from the Davock, by Christine Rohn-Tielke

And – in every issue – The Great Lakes Calendar!  (A review of everything that has happend on the Great Lakes in the last three months)

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A NMGL-Inland Seas Membership to The Great Lakes Historical Society includes a subscription to Inland Seas©. As a member, you can enjoy these and other stories that have captivated readers since 1945! Learn more about membership.

Inland Seas© archives are available on CD-ROM from the Museum Store! Currently, there are five decades available (1940s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s), with the 1990s coming soon! Each CD-ROM covers one decade. For more information, visit the Museum Store.

Submitting Articles for Publication in Inland Seas©:

Articles, letters, pictures, and books relating to the history, geography, transportation, industry, people, and lifestyles of the Great Lakes region are cordially considered. All submitted articles are subject to review and acceptance for publication by the Editor. Photos/art carefully returned. Digital art may be submitted, 4″x6″, 300 dpi, TIF file. Call for access to our FTP site to upload images. To submit an article, or for more information, contact the Editor.

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